Needy Foundation

A Registered Organization For Social Welfare Works

May Allah Grant Your Donation

Dear Brothers/Sisters

Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullah.

Subject : Application For Help To Implement Programs.

Sir, Needy Foundation (NF) is a non-profit government registered social welfare organization . It is working for develop Muslim Community in Chittagong , Bangladesh. Needy Foundation works for needy people of the society for satisfaction  of the Almighty Allah. Needy Foundation is implements the above mentioned programs ; 01) Education Program for the helpless , orphans , disabled and needy students. 02) Zakat (Charity / Sadaqat) Program for the orphans , disabled , helpless , widows and needy people. 03) Tube-well Installation Program for safety drinking water supply to the needy and helpless society. 04) Treatment Program for helpless students and people of the needy society. 05) Ifter , Seheri and Qurbani (Udhiyah) Program only for helpless Muslims. 06) Emergency Relief Program for flood and fire affected people of the society.

We want works but we have no financial ability. We need necessary help to implement the above mentioned projects .

Finally our appeal to the Muslim Brothers/Sisters , Donate / Help us as your ability to implement above mentioned programs.


Mohammad Alam Khan.


Needy Foundation (NF)